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Lente neemt haar intrek. In deze tijden wordt niet alleen het weer vele malen beter, maar ook zijn er meer en meer jonge dieren buiten te vinden. Perfect als je op zoek bent naar een huisdier of.. duistere gedachten hebt.
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[Event] Written in the stars

op do jun 14, 2018 10:01 pm

Don't call it a party 'cause it never stops

Now one is too many but it's never enough

Don't tell me you're happy 'cause this isn't love

Allison had done a marvellous job, he had to give her that. But the fact that this whole party was still a thing, was annoying. No, it was downright blasphemous. He hated parties and she knew. And yet, here they were in a hallway about to throw said party. Kaz had ditched the tie, opening up the first buttons of his blouse. White, because Allison liked it that way. Gods, he hated white. The mirror showed him someone he couldn’t believe he was. If he had looked months ago, all one could have seen was a low street rat, broken and bruised, not being able to accomplish anything in his life. And here he was now: healed up, healthy and alive. Or well.. being alive could be a discussion point.

He took a moment to look at Allison, a faint smile on his lips. She was the reminder that this was all worth it, that this party would be worth it. The coronation had gone smoothly, but that was to be expected if Allison had planned it. He didn’t remember much of it. There had been a lot of talking, the crown had been heavy and he hadn’t cared much. What mattered was that it had been done. They were now officially the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Rhoynar.

His gaze was pulled back to the mirror again. If he had looked into it a few months ago, all he could have seen was a broken and damaged street rat who had nothing accomplished in life and who would never will. And now, now he was healthy, proud and alive. The last part could be discussed, but it meant that he was the complete opposite. And that in the span of a couple of months.

Alright. He could do this. He was the Duke of Rhoynar for fuck sake. He could do anything what he wanted. But instead Allison had talked him into this. He just wanted to lay in bed. Was that too much to ask for? The vampire looked at her again, telling himself it was fine before he spoke. ‘’One dance.’’ He said strict, though the smirk on his face told that he didn’t mean it that serious. In times like these he wished his leg hadn’t healed and he was still a cripple. A lot of annoying things like dancing could have been avoided.

’’Shall we then?’’


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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op do jun 14, 2018 10:59 pm
I'm headed straight for the castle
They’ve got the Kingdom locked up
All these minutes passing, sick of feeling used. If you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised. And now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it. Already choking on my pride, so there's no use crying about it
Everything was white, as you’d expect of the brunette. There were plenty of drinks: both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, spread around the table. The staff was busy doing all sorts of things and Allison looked pleased. For once, everything seemed to go according to plan. Of course - no one had arrived yet and this was Rhoynar. For all she knew, the first would come in and bash in the skull of the next one, turning this into a bloody hell of a party. Something that would cause even more of a mess, as she was well aware of the fact that Kaz was not going to be the only vampire on this party. Which was why they had made sure to host it after sunset. What a mess, what a mess.

‘Only one dance,’ he told her. The brunette raised a brow. “Not a chance,” she told him with a faint smile. There was not a chance that she would take one dance only. No. Not when he was looking like this. “You look great,” she followed, still smiling. He swept her off her feet every time they met. Perhaps their wedding had truly been a good decision. A thought she needed to hold for tonight. After all, they were here to celebrate. Not to worry.

We shall,” she answered on his question, giving the guard a nod. The door was opened and she raised a brow when she saw the first people walk in. Without thinking it through, she took Kaz’ hand and looked up at him. “Time to see some surprised faces.” She couldn’t help but look forward to Mort’s face. And Dante’s.

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op do jun 14, 2018 11:19 pm

Zuzana Bryant

Zanna looked beautiful in her speckless white dress, with an intricate design of silverish stitches. Her hair was braided at the sides to keep it out of her small face. Two darkbrown almost black eyes gazed back at the young child in the mirror. It had been a busy day. Allison had found out about her, shortly after the coronation, one in which Kaz had become the Grand Duke. Kaz, the dark looking man with a warm heart hidden somewhere deep inside of him. A heart that not plenty of people touched, but one that had kept her safe for an amount of time while being on the streets. She had been on the streets during the wedding of Kaz and Allison, as well as the coronation. Though she had heard some rumors about it. She knew they would throw a party. One in which a lot of people of Rhoynar were invited. Zanna knew that she had to be on her best behavior. Though she had decided with ther permission of Kaz and Allisom that she should at least show her face.

To say that she was nervous was an underestimation. The young child was more then nervous, she was scared. While her hairdo was casual, her dress was truely a beautiful thing. One that gave of the fairytale vibe. Zanna knew that she might learn a thing or two about dressing up from the young brown haired woman. A woman she would be seeing more because of Kaz and her own past. Somewhere she was happy to see that her caregiver was happy. Though he probably was not looking forward to the celebration. Zanna was wonderinf what would happen, how would a party in Rhoynar be? Would there be dangerous people? She did notbknow for sure, what she did know was that she wouls remain close to both Kaz and Allison. Her eyes were a bit shiny, while her innocent look remained plastered upon her face. Her footsteps sounded in the long and large hallways, while she asked one of the servants to direct her to Kaz and Allison. She wanted to congratulate them both more formally, because of the wedding as well as the coronation. Her hand moved to knock softly on the door, after which she opened it and smiled gently and tenderly at Kaz and Allison. "Congratulations, on both the wedding and the coronation," The girl whispered, while she looked behind her to see the same woman that had bought her dress for her meeting with Kaz. She had given her some of the stolen money to get some beautiful flowers for both of them. White roses with a bright pink rim, she pointed behind her at the roses in the beautiful thin vase. "I got this for both of you. It is small, but I hope you like it," the girl muttered up all her courage, looking at Allison and her caregiver Kaz. Did that mean that Allison would care for her as well?

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op do jun 14, 2018 11:49 pm
He didn’t know in what bloody universe he was stuck. Allison had met him when he dropped Elayne of in the castle. She didn’t clearly state what she was doing in the castle, eventho he clearly asked her. No, in fact the woman had given him some clothes and told him to wear it tonight. Dante didn’t understand any of it but was pointed too a room where he could change. Yet Dante being Dante didn’t too exactly what was expected from him. Since Allison said he was ended tonight he could disappear for most of the day. He sure as hell wasn’t going to stick around in this bloody castle. Still convinced that the stupid Duke would eventually send soldiers to escort him out. Nope, he wasn’t waiting for that. So he went into town. He still needed to check up on some things, things that were naturally related to the Syndicate.

After most of the stuff was done he went to the market. Not that he was going to buy anything, but it was to early to return to the castle already. The sun hadn’t even set, so he clearly still had time. To do absolutely nothing. Nope, he was just standing there on the pier looking over the deep blue water. He did pick up a few things that weren’t normal, but not necessarily strange. He spotted more ships in the bay, which was pretty weird cause most of the ships that sailed out this morning weren’t amongst them. It wasn’t worth that much to him, but it was surely something that wasn’t normal. Not at this hour. Most of the pirates would come in later in the evening. Besides, the ships didn’t look like pirate ships. No, they were bigger made to show everyone that the owner had money. Weird things. Eventually he returned to the castle, he went immediately to the room that was assigned to him earlier. So no, he didn’t pay attention to everything that was going on. It wasn’t his business after all. In the room he changed to the attire that was given to him. It made him feel pretty uncomfortable. Why in gods name would she put him in something like this?

Eventually he left his room and roamed around in the castle for a little while. In the distance he could hear music play, to him it sounded like some fancy party which made him raise an eye brow. Something that he would never attend, mainly because the people who usually threw those kind of parties weren’t exactly his kind of people. Yet his curiosity won and Dante followed the sound of the noise. Once he walked through the door his eye fell on the three people who where in the room. Mainly on the two adults. What was going on here, and what in the world was Kaz wearing? The whiteness of his shirt almost blinded him for crying out loud. But he was glad to see his friend, but he was still puzzled about the reasons why. He walked towards the two of them with a frown on his face. ‘Can you guys please tell me what the hell is going on here? And why I needed to wear this stupid thing in the first place?’

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op vr jun 15, 2018 12:45 am

cause we want this night to last

Ever since they had arrived at the castle, his brother had been acting suspicious. The vampire had dropped him in a random room, with the announcement he had business to attend to and he could wait here for him to return. Before he even had the time to ask any questions, the other had disappeared. Confused, he had been left in the room. That was until a knock on the door had startled him. A servant had come in, carrying clothing with the message he had to change and go to the main hall when the sun was completely down.

So naturally, that was exactly what he did. Because what else was he supposed to do? The clothing he had been given, was quite formal. It confused him even more. When he was walking down the stairs again, surprised by his own skills of finding the way back, he quickly picked up the sound of music with his supernatural hearing. When he arrived in the hall, the first thing he noticed were the insane amount of decorations that covered the place.

Then, he saw Kaz and Allison. Both wearing equally fancy clothing, while the attention of everyone in the room was clearly focused on them. Okay. Well. What? When they were left alone for a minute, he walked over to them, a questioning shimmer in his blue eyes. ”I didn’t know you were taking me to a party”, He said to his brother, after which he turned to Allison. ”It’s nice to see you again. You look wonderful”, He continued, complimenting her. And now.. He kind of expected an explanation, to be honest.

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op vr jun 15, 2018 3:51 pm

The truth doesn’t matter

With long strides Evelyn made her way through the hallways in the castle. Her face representing something similar of a thunderstorm, rather than the friendly smile she always had on her lips in the time before the past three days. The lady still couldn’t really comprehend what had happened, in such short time that was. Everything had been so peaceful, quiet even. Even while she still was dead for Cois, even when she was planning on overruling her father. But some were not, apparently. Killing the only one that had helped her since the whole damn thing started. So no, Evelyn wasn’t really in her best mood. They would be lucky she wasn’t overly emotional, since the dark haired lady was sick and tired of crying the whole time. And she wasn’t that angry, at least anymore.

Her subtle olive green dress flowed around her. Even though the dress was quite simple, it was clear that she was at least a woman of rank. Standing out at this moment was the exact thing she didn’t want, so she picked it for those sole reasons. Going to this event wasn’t something she really was eager to do either, knowing her formalities Eve knew how important it was to show her face at least for some time. Being one of the city rulers, really didn’t work in her favour now. But she was told they had enough liquor to loosen up the crowd a bit, maybe her escape laid there. Forcing a little smile around her lips to hide that really moody face under it, Eve walked on.

Finally she arrived at the main, stepping through the doors as the first view she saw were the new Grand Duke and Duchess of Rhoynar. How great Not really wanting to spent any more attention at the couple, Eve looked on towards where the bar would be. The calmness she had gotten from staring into the ocean for the whole afternoon was already gone, making her decide to just head over to where the liquor was served. ’Can I have a wine please?’ Too politely she gestured towards one of the staff members. ’A good one, please.’ The lady stated after, widening that smile for a second, taking the glass they handed to her. Almost immediately taking a few sips of the cold liquid, letting it run through her troth before taking another look at the glass. Not that bad, which was at least one good thing about all of this.

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op vr jun 15, 2018 7:19 pm
For those who dare to hope

Her smile couldn’t have been bigger as she entered her niece’s room without announcing herself first. ”Rose, guess what!” She spoke the second she had entered the bedroom. As she spoke, her hand raised up to show a white paper in it. It was written in a beautiful handwriting and the symbol already showed it was from Rhoynar. She, however, did not give her niece any time to guess, because Costia was so excited, she just had to tell it right away. ”We two are going to a royal wedding! Somehow, her smile had grown even wider. A wedding, an actual wedding! She couldn’t wait to see how the duke and duchess had decorated the place. She couldn’t wait for the party to start, either. ”So better pack your bags, we are leaving tonight!” Yes they were. And no-one was going to stop her from having fun there. Not even Enzo.


She knew the moment she entered the room, that the long distance they had travelled had all been worth it. The room was beautifully decorated and Costia could definitely agree with the white color scheme the couple - or let’s say the duchess - had chosen. Her blue eyes intertwined for a moment with those of her plus one, her niece Rose, after which she scanned the room for the lucky couple that not only got married, but also became the new Duke and Duchess of Rhoynar. What a dream that must be. Costia would never attend a wedding without a gift, of course, and she was set on giving that gift as quickly as she possibly could. Eventually her eyes found the new married couple and with confidence she made her way towards the two. ”Grand duke and duchess of Rhoynar,” A smile formed around her lips as she bowed elegantly before the two. ”Congratulations on the coronation and the wedding, I wish you both a happy lifetime together and may your reign be long and peaceful.” And she meant it. She also hoped that the two would keep up the contracts her family had with Trystane. Or maybe establish new ones. ”In name of House Bourbon, I would like to offer you this gift,” Her gift wasn’t a very surprising one; even though it was wrapped in fancy paper with a beautiful bow on it, the shape already told what was on the inside of it. A bottle of whiskey, which was, of course, her family’s trademark. She had also added a little card on the bow, which both functioned as a way to congratulate them on their wedding, as well as a business card for her family’s company.
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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op vr jun 15, 2018 8:00 pm
We all eat lies
when our hearts are hungry
He was not one for parties or important meeting. Never was and never will. People in the past had never really invited him to things and when he went it was to something public. This was rather public, even though he got an invite he just couldn’t deny. It was all too perfect and he would regret it if he decided not to go.
The man was only slightly underdressed. When one threw a wedding party, they expected people to walk in with fancy suits and dresses, especially when it was of this rank. The new grand Duke and Duchess. Both of them must praise themselves lucky that he at least put on something not worn, dirty or bloody. A huge change, yet when looking at him it wouldn’t cross your mind that he was going to a wedding that night.

Once inside he folded his hands behind his back and looked around, taking in his surroundings. A lot of guest had already arrived and there were some he recognized, not that it meant he knew them. Two of those people were the ones who’s organized this party. He was here for them, but not exactly to congratulate them but rather to know who was ruling Rhoynar for now. People he now had to deal with.
His eyes lingered on the duo who got approached by other people he’d never seen before. Meanwhile, a young woman came to him with a plate containing glasses. Thank you, sweetheart,” he said with a smile while taking one. Then she walked away and Valdimárr pushed the glass in the hands of the first person that walked by. It did nothing to him. If he drank something today it would be something he liked far better and there were enough sources to choose from. Maybe that cute lady who gave him his first drink.

One of the guest caught his eye. Evelyn Keightley. He’d met her before during another event led by a Duke, only that person was now dead. It only took him a few seconds to stand right behind her. “Good seeing you here,” he said from behind her, slightly bending over, moving closer to her ear. “Enjoying the feast so far?” A smile was dancing on his face. There were already so many people talking with the newly married couple. He would get his chance when not everyone was gathering around them.

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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

op vr jun 15, 2018 8:27 pm
   I'm gonna raise the stakes
The vampire had always loved social events, simply because it meant that there were a lot of people there. Who knew who she’d find? Perhaps, finally, there would be something who would be capable of keeping her interest for more than a few seconds. Of course, Valdimárr hadn’t decided to bring anyone with him, so she had lovingly stolen his second invite and taken matters in her own hand. She was bored. After stabbing the eye of a certain captain, life had been dull. No bounties, no debts. She had considered to walk around the streets and wait for trouble to find her, until she had noticed the invitation. Exactly what she needed.

And so, Isabella had found a dress to hide her horrible personality. The rose gold dress was something she’d normally not want to be found in, but the occasion called for a change of attire. The dress was long and made her unfit to hunt down anyone. If she were to find a target, she would have to rip it to shreds and she did not look forward to that. The dress had been expensive. She pulled a hand through her brown hair and put a smile on her face. Today, she was here for fun. Unless, of course, anyone were to catch her eye.

With calm steps, she had found her way into the room where the party was held. It seemed like a good amount of people had already gathered inside. Her gaze fell upon the Duke and Duchess for a second, but they were of very little interest to her. She didn’t expect to need them anytime soon. The people around them, however, had more value to her. They had their backs towards her, so she couldn’t see their faces. But, one woman in particular had gained her interest. She had a lovely figure, stylishly dressed. Definitely not from Rhoynar either. An interesting sight on a party held for Rhoynishmen. Sadly, however, the woman had found herself in the presence of multiple others, including said Duke and Duchess. It was better to wait. And so, the vampire made her way to one of the tables, sitting down as her gaze found its way back to the woman and her company.
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Re: [Event] Written in the stars

Gisteren om 9:09 pm
Everything about the situation she had found herself in after arriving in Brightwater Keep felt very unreal. The fact that Allison had asked her to come to the castle, a castle which her friend now owned and which would be her new home. On top of that, Allison was marrying Kaz, no, had married Kaz. That was why an extravagant dress had been send to Elayne's chambers with the orders to put it on and make her way to the party. A party, with lots of people, to celebrate the wedding of the new couple that ruled Brightwater Keep and the whole of Rhoynar. She had trouble keeping up with everything, but then again, when hadn't she. Allison had always been a busy woman and lots of things seemed to happen when she was travelling around. The difference was that Elayne's life had now changed as well. The comforting basement was gone, it felt like she had nowhere to hide. It was both scary and exciting at the same time.

The young woman looked at herself in the mirror. With just a bit of help she had managed to put the dress on, as well do her hair and make-up. She was used to some of it, but the fact that there would be a lot of strangers there had her nervous. Eyes would be on her for sure, she had to thank Allison's choice for a dress for that. She gave herself an encouraging nod in the mirror, calling her wolf friend Gwynn over before leaving the room. She was not going to show up at that party on her own. Her other friends had all been quite hesitant to join her, probably because they weren't used to all of the attention as well. She couldn't blame them for their decision, but she was glad the huge white wolf was coming along with her.

Entering the room where the party was held, she looked around, her gaze eventually falling upon Allison and the company she was in. A lot of people she did not know, but there was at least one familiar face among the crowds. Dante! At least her arrival here had given her an opportunity to meet someone before this huge party. She made her way over to her friends, stealing a few glances at the room and the people before halting in front of the group of people. "Congratulations, Allison!" she said. She suppressed the urge to go in for a hug, not knowing how this company would react to that and still afraid she would be taken away if she acted too much like herself. They weren't in the desolated woods of Falkreath anymore, she had to be careful, especially now. It helped that she had already met her on the day she arrived at the castle, otherwise she would have gone for the hug anyway. "Hi Dante!" she greeted the only other person she knew while waving at him.
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