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Met de koude intrek van winter heeft geheel Fallen Skies wel last van de temperatuur wisseling. Maar voornamelijk in het noorden wordt het iedereen behoorlijk lastig gemaakt en kunnen spanningen dankzij het weer hoog oplopen.
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Hunters in the night [Delaney]

op do okt 05, 2017 7:56 pm
Why so serious?
I'm not the monster, I'm just ahead of the curve
His fingers dragged along the cold walls of another treacherous kingdom. Like a lost boy on the edge of a plain field. But he was all but lost, he was all but forgotten. Just as every city also this one had a certain depth to pay. But he wasn’t here to collect, no, he rather had them scared on the edges of their beds praying to whoever they believed in. Avanti didn’t believe, not in any god, not in anything, not even in himself. All of his acts came out of instinct, a keen eye and a clever mind. For all the years he had stolen from others, he collected it already enough for his own. So seeing him walking there wasn’t out patience, or waiting, he was here for the first time back after some years … and ooh, did he missed the last events this kingdom had to over. An almost invisible grin stroke his lips, the sound of stone against fingers brushing into the night. No, he wasn’t here to collect, he was here to hunt.

Vampires needed food as much as anybody else. His diet was just a little different and the thoughts of it just grazed his tongue over the sharp edges of his teeth. While he walked there, just outside the walls, the light purple sparkle in his blue eyes shut he listened … he smelled. He could feel the lives of the dead cursing through his veins, he could taste their fear for the darkness for he was just that. He rather played the invisible demon rather than knocking on doors. Avanti lived on fear, if they wouldn’t fear him, he wouldn’t even be here. The Sharpe recognizable smell of blood turned his head to the left. He opened his dark eyes and gazed at the trees of a long forest. He turned his head, hearing the light footsteps making ground and before he even could find out that devilish smile crossed his face. Outside, all by herself and he just has to be this hunger. How could he even resist a face he saw already before, how could he resist beauty as that to bite in.

Avanti left the walls surrounding safety and melted into the darkness of the forest. You would think people would learn to not be out after dark, clearly they didn’t. So he had to remind them of it. He didn’t need eyes of ears to follow her through the forest, only that tasting smell leaded him the way. His footsteps light, not even to hear, his body slim, adapting to every single detail. He sneaked up to her like a predator on its prey. Whatever she was hunting it ran away for him, the true monsters of the night. ‘Such a shame,’ his voice was nothing more than a whispering calling out to her, his body moving without the change for her to see it. ‘sweet Delaney.’ He followed, standing still, smiling from out of the darkness. ‘Don’t hunt when the monsters are around.’ He advised her in that same sweet voice. Oh, did he love to play with his pray before devouring it.

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Re: Hunters in the night [Delaney]

op vr okt 06, 2017 2:37 pm

do not go gentle into that good night
rage and rage against the dying of the light

Her hunt had been all too important for her. She had gone too far in order to find her prey. Now she was on her way home having caught nearly anything. But the nightsky was already fully above her, bringing all the dangers of it with it. Delaney wasn't one to scare quickly, but she knew what the night could bring and wasn't all that happy to be around when the monsters came out.

On her way back however she had found an small group of deer. From the back of her horse she slowly grabbed her bow and layed an arrow in it. Drawing the string back and taking a deep breath ready to release. All her instincts focussed. A deer could feed her family for a week. It would be well recieved at home. Just before she wanted to release her arrow however the wildlife shocked up and the group ran away. Far out of her shot and the arrow hit the snow in a miserable attempt. A bit shocked, somewhat confused Delaney stared at it. She nor her horse had made a sound. But something had allarmed the deer.

A whispering voice was all she needed to confirm what had shocked away her deer. Or rather, who. Immediatly she drew another bow pointing it into the darkness. Even if the arrow wouldn't do a thing to him she still felt a bit more prepared with it. Her horse underneath her started moving around breezing loudly, obviously getting uncomfortable. "I thought you were dead." Was her simple reply into the shadows trying to find the origin of the voice eventually lowering her bow so she could attempt to calm her horse down. "Then I'll return home immediatly." She spoke calmly not trying to show her nervous breathing. "My hunt can continue tomorrow.." Making her horse take a step back she begged herself that that was enough for him tonight. That he was just here to scare her and nothing more.

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