Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeelt in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
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Een onbekende ziekte teistert Fallen Skies. Niemand blijkt veilig te zijn voor de verwoestende dood die Queen Dacosta meegenomen lijkt te hebben. Is er een mogelijkheid om te overleven, of is iedereen ter dood veroordeeld?
List of the current city rulers: click here
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©2017 Fallen Skies staat onder leiding van het team en wordt ondersteund door Actieforum. Alle teksten, beelden, codes en plotlijnen zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermt door de desbetreffende eigenaar.
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Real name : Esmee
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Character sheet
Age: 21
Occupation: Pet
Residence : D'Auvignon
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op vr nov 03, 2017 5:14 pm


Name: Nira
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 21 years

Family: She doesn't know her family
Place of birth: Navarre, D'Auvignon
Current residence: Navarre
Occupation: Spy


Nira's magic is shapeshifting, she's able to transform into a cat whenever she wishes. She's had it since her 10th, and has learned very well how to control it. She uses it for many things, but mostly for spying on people and just to escape from her human form because it reminds her of what she's done in the past.



Height: 1.70
Weight: 59kg
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Long, black
Build: Skinny, elegant
Scars: She has scars on her back, wrists and legs
Special: Her lips always have a deep red color


Fur: Black, short
Eyes: Sky blue
Build: Elegant, with long legs


Nira is a special girl. She is extremely cold to most people and doesn't show any emotions due to her past. She has been hurt so many times that she's able to shut down her emotions almost whenever she wishes to, but she is still able to feel them. She'll never admit it, but she doesn't actually like that side of herself. That's why she's almost in her cat form, because as a cat she doesn't have to deal with it. Of course, as a cat she also has many other benefits, such as being able to eavesdrop on people because they won't see her as a possible threat.


Nira grew up in an orphanage for girls in D'Auvignon because her parents left her on the street when she was just 4 years old. It was not the most child-friendly place, if you did something wrong you were punished immediately and hard. She had one friend there, her name was Reanne. Reanne was always happy and full of hope, while Nira wanted to leave the orphanage as soon as possible. When the girls turned 8, they started to train them for an occupation. You either ended up in a brothel, or were trained to be an assassin. Reanne was sent to a brothel, and never smiled again. Nira almost got sent there too, but fate had different plans for her. She was too feisty for a brothel, and had to survive the pain, abuse and torture during her training in order to become an assassin. She has still many scars left from these punishments. She was many times so close to breaking, but after a few months she just felt numb and ignored every kind of pain. At the age of 10 she suddenly woke up in the body of a black cat, and she realized that she was a shapeshifter. Knowing that she now had a possibility to escape, she began to put even more effort in her training so she would be able to defend herself in the dangerous world once she'd leave. Then, 5 years later she left. First she did the thing she had been wanting to do for years: visiting Reanne. There was barely anything left of the old, happy Reanne, and Nira promised she'd come get her friend as soon as she could. But first she had to get some money. She met an old woman named Talli, who was an alchemist. Talli saw how desperate she was, and offered her shelter in return for Nira's help in her shop. Nira stayed a whole year, and learned a lot about potions and alchemy during this time. Talli proved herself to be a great teacher and friend at the same time. But fate simply wouldn't allow Nira to be happy any longer, because one night two thiefs decided to break into the shop and Talli happened to be there at the time. Right when Nira woke up from all the noise and walked into the shop, she saw Talli being murdered. She grabbed a knife, and killed both the thiefs using the skills she still had from her training. She was extremely sad about Talli's death, and couldn't stay any longer. She left, and remembered the promise she made to Reanne. But when she reached the brothel where Reanne used to work, she found out that the girl died aswel one week before. The girls heart was completely shattered in pieces, and something snapped inside her. She got so angry suddenly that she killed three people, innocent people. She couldn't believe what she had done, and left D'Auvignon to escape from her past. She realized that at an age of 17 she had already murdered 5 people. She changed into her cat form for the first time in years, and made a promise to herself that she would never change back. Because her human form only ever did more damage than good.

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Real name : Marielle
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Re: Nira

op za nov 04, 2017 11:29 pm

welkom op Fallen Skies

I don't believe in no devil, 'Cause I done raised this hell
I've been the last one standing, when all the giants fell
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