Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeeld in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
Met de koude intrek van winter heeft geheel Fallen Skies wel last van de temperatuur wisseling. Maar voornamelijk in het noorden wordt het iedereen behoorlijk lastig gemaakt en kunnen spanningen dankzij het weer hoog oplopen.
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Met het einde van het jaar in zicht houdt Archeon haar jaarlijkse midwinter festival. Iedereen is welkom om te genieten van alles wat Fallen Skies' hoofdstad te bieden heeft.
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Real name : ryann~
Aantal berichten : 32
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Character sheet
Age: 48 years old
Occupation: slave trader
Residence : skorravir, falkreath
Profiel bekijken

Cain Asbrændsson [wip]

op za nov 11, 2017 12:29 am
48. falkreath.

Cain Asbrændsson

full name Cain Asbrændsson
nicknames Cain
age Forty-eight
date of birth July 29
hometown A small farmersvillage in Falkreath
current location Skørravir, Falkreath
gender Male
species Human
pronouns He/him
occupation Slavetrader
magic Shapeshifting
religious affiliation Odinism
sexual orientation Heterosexual

likes Animals, haute cuisine, bowties, wind chimes, persian carpets, heavily intellectual conversations, good tobacco, tea, casual sex
dislikes Messes, cockroaches, bad tablemanners, coffee, poorly made food
secrets n/a
fears Commitment, failure and being alone
hobbies Horseback riding, cooking, fine dining, singing, hiking, fishing
aspirations Growing old and happy
pet peeves People who chew with their mouths open or talk with their mouths full
quirks Strokes his beard when deep in thought
postive traits Charming, work-oriented, strong-willed, organized, fearless, ambitious, calm, hardworking, loyal, intelligent, social, realistic, humorous
negative traits Acts superior, bossy, somewhat cold, controlling, cunning, somewhat violent, unsympathetic, prideful, greedy, quick tempered, selfish

physical appearance
face claim Timothy Omundson
height 6'1'' / 185cm
weight 167lbs / 76kg
hair color Black/gray
eye color Light blue
build Average build, long legs, good amount of muscle
dominant hand Right hand
clothing style Either formal and chique or comfortable and casual
scars Several across his body, though none are worth mentioning
piercings n/a
tattoos He has the Fehu rune tattooed on his lower right inner arm
distinguishing features full beard and mustache, thick flowy hair, piercing blue eyes

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magic ●●●●●●●●○○
Cain has the power to shapeshift into a polar bear at will and has been able to since the young age of six. So it goes without saying that Cain is quite experienced at using his gift. He has nearly perfect control over it and the shapeshifting itself doesn't hurt anymore like it used to, back when he was a teenager. His form as a polar bear is quite big for it species. A massive head, sharp claws on big paws and a strong body. His white fur is slowly starting to gray in a few spots.

swordmanship ●●●●●●○○○○
Though there's always room for improvement, Cain isn't half bad when it comes to wielding a sword. He may be a bit rusty after not practising for an extended period of time, but he is definitely capable of defending himself without any trouble.

horseback riding ●●●●●●●●○○
Growing up on a rather large farm, gave Cain the chance to learn to ride a horse from a young age. He loved show jumping and endurance riding. When he was old enough he also starting fox hunting, something he enjoyed tremendously. After Cain turned fifteen he started breaking in and training young horses.

cooking ●●●●●●●○○○
Cain loves fine dining and feels especially accomplished if he makes the haute cuisine of the night himself. Years of practice made him into something of a master in the kitchen and he feels completely at home behind a stove. Of course, only topnotch and the finest ingredients are used when Cain is at the helm. He can whip up about anything you desire, no problem.

sowing ●○○○○○○○○○
Cain is an absolute nightmare when it comes to sowing, knitting and all other needle crafts. Besides constantly pricking himself with needles, he also once managed to sow his trousers legs to one another, while sowing the tophalf to the shirt he was wearing. Whenever he now needs something sowed, he either orders his servants to do it, or just throws the clothing in the trash.

dancing ●●●●○○○○○○
Though not a professional by far, Cain loves to dance. He always works very hard at improving his moves and is actually very decent at the waltz and quickstep. His favourite dance by far is any kind of court dancing.

sailing ●●●●●●●○○○
Cain started learning how to his sail from his father at the age of eight. Small boats at first, ofcourse. The fishingboat from his dad the perfect size for a boy his age. It was when Cain was sixteen when he started traveling that he started sailing bigger boats and even ships. He had gotten quite skilful at sailing by the time he commandeered a ship of his own, which allowed him to further train his sailing skills.

physical ailments Color blindness
mental ailments n/a
addictions n/a
allergies Cockroach allergy
blood type B+
sleeping habits Wakes up multiple times at night and has a difficult time falling asleep
exercise habits Horseback riding, hiking
eating habits A bit of a picky eater. Only eats food made from the best ingredients, made by either the best chef, or himself
emotional stability Stable
sociability Very social, talks a good game and is extremely charming to boot
drinks alcohol? On occasion, enjoys single-malt scotch in particular
smokes? Yes, pipe, though he only uses the best tobacco
does drugs? No

mother Sigrunn Øpirdottir. (deceased)
father Asbrænd Thorodsson. (deceased)
[brother] Abel Asbrændsson.
[son] Devon McConnell. (26yo)
[daughter] Arden Frye. (22yo)
[son] Teren Santoro. (21yo)
[daughter] Gwendolyn o’ Castamere. (21yo)
spouse n/a.
best friend n/a.
other mentionables
[sd] sd.
[dog] Fenrir
[dog] Tyr
[dog] Heimdal
[cat] Alfheim
[cat] Njord
[horse] Skeidbrimir
social class Upper class

» Cain owns a ship used mainly for his slave trade business. She is a big full-rigged, three-mast frigate called the Nonpareil. Before Cain bought her, she was called the Hermoine and served as a fourth-rate ship of the line naval vessel. The Nonpareil is a two deck ship and has a tons burthen of about 365bm. She is approximately 31m in length and has a beam of about 9.10m. After repurposing the former ship of the line, the Nonpareil carries six 8-pounders, one 24-pounder and another thirteen 18-pounders long guns in armament. On an average sail, the Nonpareil has a complement of 71 crew.

» Besides cats, dogs, horses and other animals, Cain is awfully fond of bees. He has several large wooden beehives on his land and enjoys taking care of them, whilst also enjoying the honey Cain's bees produce.

» Cain owns a big mansion surrounded by quite a few acres of land just a few minutes outside Skørravir. On this land he has a stablecomplex, a paddock and several pastures for his horses. There is also a small shed on the outskirts, which is currently occupied by one of his sons. His personal slaves, when not working, are mostly kept in the attic. His tradeable slaves are either kept in the cellar or in the barn next to the stables.
ryann. 25. +1.

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oh, death, оh death, oh death
won't you spare me over til another year
when god is gone and the devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul
my name is death and the end is here...
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