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Met de koude intrek van winter heeft geheel Fallen Skies wel last van de temperatuur wisseling. Maar voornamelijk in het noorden wordt het iedereen behoorlijk lastig gemaakt en kunnen spanningen dankzij het weer hoog oplopen.
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Real name : Bo
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Strides to the darkness [Rhaella]

op zo jan 14, 2018 8:06 pm

She conquered her demons

Calmly her mare moved under her. Through the thickest of mud, the heaviest grounds, the steepest hills and the hardest rocks. With a steady pace her hooves brought Faylice through Navarre, encountering all the dangers that came along. And that were plenty. Now, she heart distant noises, probably from wild animals. But that wasn’t scaring the woman, nor her little mare, anymore at least. It were noises that growled, like animals fighting for meat, or creeping steps behind them. Indicating they may be lunch for a wolf, or worse. There was only one thing scarier than that, and that was utter silence. It were the creeping steps, but then not generated by wild animals, no, it was the mind that did that. And so were the creatures behind it that used it as a tool, to play or whatever they wanted to achieve.

Even though Faylice wasn’t traveling on the main route that rushed through the landscapes of Navarre. She followed a pretty clear path, created by those who didn’t want to be seen basically everyone, though especially the guards from D’auvignon. The noises slowly died off as the woman went on, traveling further through the deep woods. But before the whole silence took over, the next were already hearable. It almost brought peace to her mind, maybe, just maybe this would be a normal night.

As the time went on the flashes of the passing tree’s all blended together like a dark substance filling the void. Just like all the weeks she had been traveling before, surviving because surprisingly that was harder than she anticipated before. Not that Fay had time to plan this whole thing, but she had enough time thinking along the way. There wasn’t quite anything else the woman could think about, surely she could think about the past events. But every time her mind went there she blocked it off.

A slight change in her light mare made Fay’s head tilt upwards. She had been so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even notice a house dooming up in her eyesight. It was the house the dark-haired woman needed to be, or at least, thought so. Even though she sent some letters, Fay didn’t if they had even arrived. But it was her only change and maybe with the help of the red-eyed woman she could begin to make a plan on her on. Almost rigid Faylice swung her leg over the saddle, after being so long in the saddle her whole body seemed to protest against any other movement. Taking a deep breath in and rearranging her simple dress she knocked on the door of the cozy house. Hoping a certain person would open, hoping that she was alone, and more important than that, hoping she was willing to help.

Real name : Marielle
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Re: Strides to the darkness [Rhaella]

op zo jan 14, 2018 9:53 pm

She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

The small brown floppy eared rabbits where jumping up an down as soon as they heard the door of the small stable opened. Rhaella made her way through the door and closed it to banish out the cold from outside. She was holding a small basket with dandelion flowers and leaves in it. A bright smile fancies her rosy lips as soon as she saw the small rabbits hop. Hello you.. Are you hungry guys? she asked them as if they talk back to her. She placed the basket on the table and grabs a hand full of flowers which she places into the pen. Immediately the fluffy creatures started eating their hearts out and she leaned a bit forward and let her slender fingers run through their soft fur.

She leaned back and leaned back again. She pushed some of her curly red strands away behind her ear and twists a ribbon around the rest of her hair. Creating sort of a messy ponytail. Most of the time her hair would fall wherever it wanted, she was kinda get used to it over the past couple of years. She twirls around herself and made her way towards the hedgehog she recently found in the forest. The little guy had been wounded and she wanted to make sure he was fully healed. Rhaella gets on her knees and slowly pushed her hands around the animal picking it up as careful as she could. How are you doing today little one? her voice soft. After a short moment of examine him she stood up placing the animal in her arms. He looked healthy enough to continue his adventures into the big wide world. Slowly she made her way out off the stable and moved herself out off the garden. After a few meters she saw a small pile of leaves and stopped there. This is your stop little dude. Rhaella leaned over and placed the animal into the pile of leaves making sure to place some leaves on top of him to protect him from other animals and the sun. She stood up again and brushes a lock away, making her way inside again.

This place was her own small heaven. A small house with a small barn and stable deep within the forest where she could take care of her animals. It was everything she ever dreamed of. After everything that has happened this was her safe haven to give her mind some rest. But not only the animals made her mind feel at ease, also the blonde haired guy who completely thrown her life upside down had give her the comfort that she had always longed for.

If she would have told outsiders this version of her ‘life’ they would definitely believe that hers was perfect. But it had been far from perfect. The events that has happened and still going on have taken their toll on her. But she was still hoping that maybe one day everything could be normal again.

Eros had left the house a few days ago and he would probably not return within the past few days or even weeks. She did not knew where he went and she did not want to bother him too much with her anxiety. After all he was a free man but he knew he could always return to her whenever he wanted to. A watery smile was placed on the corner of her lips as she thought about the man. She craved for him, but maybe it was not right to feel that way. They had only known each other for a few months right now so everything was still unsure. Dreaming away into her thoughts again she stirred in the small plan that she placed onto the stove. She moved her slender fingers over the fire place and it immediately began to burn. A small soup would be enough for tonight. She was not very hungry and there where no visitors that she expected. After that thought ran through her mind she heard a few knocks on the door. Abruptly her red eyes turned towards the hallway and she tilted her head slowly. Now who could that be.

A bit curious she made her way towards the door and opened it. As her eyes got adapted to the light and the shadow in front of her became clear a confused look was placed onto her face. Faylice? … What are you doing here? her voice warm, yet curious.

She was not soft; she was all hard lines and edges, jagged pieces that never fit together.
She was the storm and the sadness inside your chest, and you broke yourself upon her

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