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De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
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Character sheet
Age: 22
Occupation: Kingsguard
Residence : Navarre, D'auvignon.
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Tamlin Spring

op do sep 28, 2017 9:24 am

T A M L I N ▲
Name: Tamlin Spring
Nickname: Tam, The Lion
Date of Birth: July 25th
Age: Twenty-two years
Zodiac sign: Lion
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Magic: Shapeshifting {Lion-form}

Weapon: Mostly his claws when he partly shifts into a lion, but as a full elf he prefers one handed swords.
Occupation: Kings Guard
Home town: Navarre, D'auvignon.

Mother: Died in war, unnamed.
Father: Died in war, unnamed.
Brother: Lucien Spring, two years older.
Sister: Ianthe Spring
Others: -

Appearance as Lion

Fur: Short, rough, sandy colored.
Manes: Golden blond.
Eyes: Ice blue
Weight: 190kg
Tail length: 98cm
Head-body length: 225cm
As a Lion he is broad and muscular. He's quite average for a lion, though maybe more on the big side, which makes him outstanding for the person who he approaches, and striking when he attacks. It is notable that he is a young one, though. His manes are on the shorter side and not that full, yet. The Lion is strong and his claws are long and sharp, just like his fangs. Don't underestimate the lion.

Appearance as Human

Faceclaim: Austin Butler
Skin color: White/fair
Hair color: Golden blond
Hair length: Shoulder length
Eye color: Bright blue
Lip color: Dark pink/light reddish
Height: 1,85
Weight: 79kg
Build: Slim and muscular
Tamlin is a tall, slim and muscular man. His skin is fair and his hair is shoulder length long and golden blond, his eyes are blue and his lips are full and dark pinkish/light reddish. He appears in light Kings Guard armor, which is perfect to shapeshift in. And even when he's in his normal human-form, you can see the feline lurking beneath his skin. You can say that Tamlin is an attractive, beautiful young man.

Scars: -
Extra: -

Traits: Loyal, fierce, hot-tempered, righteous, determined, bold, confident, resourceful, arrogant, proud & vengeful
Tamlin is initially a very strong  person describing himself as not very good at making friends. Though, he's not an antisocial person. He believes he is only good at war and killing people, aside from his skills at playing the fiddle. He's fierce when it comes to fighting and defending. Though he's righteous when it comes to innocents and the weak, but when it comes to loyalty he can set that aside. For him it is loyalty above all. Tamlin is confident in almost everything and determined to achieve his goals. He is also someone who has the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Though he might appear to be a good guy, his decisions might sometimes lead to the other side of goodness. Tamlin is someone who bases his decisions on what he thinks is good, on his loyalty to the king, this way he might forget what might be actually good for those who it is about. Tamlin can also be quite hot-tempered, sometimes with reasons and sometimes without. Those days might be called his bad days. He can be quite arrogant when it comes to his position and what he has achieved, which goes with his pride. You can say that Tamlin is proud to be Kings Guard.

{Age 0 – 5}
My parents are originally from Valyria, where they had lived in Archeon. Living in Navarre would bring them more wealth and a better position, so that is why they had decided to leave. My dad became the Lord Commander of the Kings Guard, which gave my parents a place in the castle of D’auvignon. This is where I was born, two years after my mum had given birth to my older brother, Lucien. Our mum loved us and took good care of us, just like our dad, though he was not always around. My brother was happy to have me and for what I can remember of those early years, he was always there.

{Age 5 – 8}
At the age of five I discovered that I was a shapeshifter. Just like my father, who was able to shift into a tiger and my brother, who was able to shift into a fox. My mother was not able to shift into anything, she was just a regular human, but probably the most caring human in existence. She had told me that her own father and brothers were shifters, so it was definitely a family thing.
I was able to change in a lion cub and it happened occasionally. At first, I had no control to do so. It was my father and my brother who trained me, since my brother - who was at the age of seven back then - had already learned how to control the shifting. I was a quick learner and my father saw that. That is when the fighting lessons began, as well as a lion as in human form. Just the basics as first, but I learned fast and as soon as there was nothing new to learn I started getting bored and practicing moves by myself. I did this in secret and I was rough when training. My brother, of course, trained with me. I looked up to him. When it came to human fighting, he owned me all the time. We trained together, we did everything together. He seemed shocked at times at how hard I wanted to train. I would even complain about him not hurting me. He never seemed to complain, though.
My father found out about our secret trainings, and he was not entirely angry about that. I guess he was kind of proud. When I turned six years old I received my own wooden sword. Now I could learn how to fight with weapons, instead of fangs and claws. My mother was not happy with me getting my first sword, but my father said it would be good for me, since he believed I had an affinity for fighting. If I kept practicing like I did, I would become a great knight, if not something greater than that. I guess my mother was worried about my obsession with training and fighting. I never played like the other kids, unless it was about war or anything violent. When playing in lion cub form I would be frolicking as well. My father said it was just a boy’s thing.
I loved my mother as well as my father. I was not aggressive, I was just rough and easily bored. My father was right all the time. I just wanted to become the best knight in existence, make my parents and my brother proud. I admit that sometimes I was a bit to harsh indeed, like the times I did hurt my brother, though he would not say I had.
And then I turned seven. My father started being busier, so my brother and I got a new teacher. He was a shapeshifter as well. He was able to shift into a wolf. He was a rough trainer and he did hurt us at times. Where my dad used to be nice, our teacher was not nice at all. I liked it, that was the weird thing about it. I remember when I said that the trainings were not hard enough. It was the second training with him, I suppose. Afterwards I returned to my mother with bruises all over my body. I was not able to shift into lion cub form for a week, because it would hurt way too much. I did not complain a word, though. I even wanted to thank my teacher, but I did not. My mother was very angry with my father and my father went mad to my teacher and then he went mad on me. He told me that I had to show some respect to my teacher and trust in his lessons the way he gave it to me. I apologized and respected his words.
My father started training my brother and me again, once a week, to see our progress. He was surprised by mine. But I got the idea that he was not proud anymore, rather concerned. He should not have been concerned. It was just who I was and who I still am, now he should have been concerned. But my father is dead. And that happened when I was seven years and a half.

The wife of the current king Aeron Medici was poisoned. The king had lost himself and that was a reason for his brother, Lord Thriumph Medici to banish him. That was the reason for Aeron Medici to snap and burn the whole Northern West-side of Navarre. My parents were that at that exact moment for whatever reason. And they died. I lost my parents because of Aeron Medici.
When I heard about the news it was my turn to snap. In a flash I shifted form and started going crazy. I started running and all I wanted to do was take revenge on Aeron Medici. But what was I thinking? A seven-year-old cub, taking revenge on a mad king? It was very stupid that, even though I was in blinded by rage, thought that I was able to do so.
I wanted to slay everything and everyone who got into my way. Including my own, dear brother. Lucien tried to stop me, to prevent me from doing anything foolish, like, getting myself killed. I was not myself at that moment and I lashed out with my claw and took his eye. That is when I realized what I was doing, that I had to calm down. Then I saw what I had done, and I snapped again. This time I ran back and hid. I felt lost, trapped in guilt and I did not know what to do with myself. I had lost my parents and wounded my own dear brother.
I was in the training room, getting rid of all my anger and raging emotions. I was kicking, clawing, biting everything to pieces and when I calmed down I went searching for my brother. When I found him I just eyed him, observed him, but did not say a word. I did not even apologize. I could not, and I guess that complicated our relationship. What I did promise was that I was going to avenge our parents.
From that moment on my parents should have been worried. But they were dead.

In the meantime, Lord Thriumph Medici had taken the crown for himself. He had heard about me and started observing me. I was the son of the former Lord Commander of the Kings Guard and I had quite a prestation, especially because of what I had done to my brother. That the King of Navarre had taken interest in me to make me one of the Kings Guard, eventually, was the last thing I had expected, since I had gone mad. But he kept a close eye to me.

{Age 8 - 14}
When everything had eased down again, and my brother’s wound had healed, we started training again. We did not ever speak of what had happened and our trainings had gotten harder. We still had our teacher who had been appointed by our father and he trained us until Lucien had reached the age of twelve. Then the teacher trained me alone, because Lucien was sorted into the training groups with other young boys.
My own trainings had gotten even harder than ever before. I had made clear to him that I wanted to avenge my parents when I was strong and big enough. My teacher had taken my words seriously, which surprised me, since other adults would just laugh at me and shake their heads with pity. I hated pity. He trained me until I also had reached the age of twelve. I think that the teacher had wanted to train my brother and I in the hardest way possible. There was something about that shifter, but he left as soon as I had joined the peers of my own.
I started training with my brother again, in those classes. My brother and I blinked out at those lessons. So, we had to partner up together a lot. I guess these trainings brought us back together once more. But I had changed. The whole happening with the fire, losing our parents and wounding my brother had changed me. I was hot-tempered, sometimes out of nothing, I was vengeful and kind of dark. I would not play fight anymore, everything had gotten serious for me. The spark of a child had vanished in me.

{Age 14 – 22}
When I aged to fourteen I was not allowed to train with the other peers anymore. Sometimes with my brother, but mostly with the trainer and older apprentices. I was taken apart a lot and got punished a lot, since I had started breaking the rules. I was too rough and fought in a mean way. I had learned those ways of fighting from my old teacher, the one appointed by my dad. But I did blink out and I was one of the best, so they did not kick me out. They just had to find a way to get me in control again. My brother, Lucien, had brought me back to my senses. I could not become a knight if I was disrespectful and rebellious. I listened to him and took a step back.
Then another boy arrived at our class. The knight who escorted him told his name was Rhysand and he came from the poor folk. I did not care at all and wanted to continue with what I was doing at that moment, until the head teacher spoke my name. I had to train with that lower guy. He was older then I was, I could see that, but he was rather scrawny. Could not be that hard, right? But why me? I guessed that it was to let him know his place. I also wondered how a poor boy was able to get his way to this place, but then, I did not care enough to question this. The only thing I asked is whether I had to shift to Lion form or had to fight with my sword. I had to fight with my wooden sword, just like Rhysand. It surprised me that I did not beat him immediately. We kept fighting and it was a long fight, he was a fair opponent. It surprised the others as well. And this is how a new friendship came to being.
And so, for all those years which came after I trained in a normal way. I had listened to the words of my brother. I did what I had to do and proved myself. I also trained on my own. I guess training was the only thing I did in my life. Getting better, getting stronger. I practiced as a lion, I practiced as human. I taught myself how to speak human language in lion form, I practiced those things with Lucien, but also with Rhysand. Those years were rather boring, but I made them worth living for myself. Having my brother and that new friend helped a lot, though.
As soon as I turned to adulthood at age of eighteen I became a knight. My life had gotten more serious then ever and I knew that the moment that I would finally avenge my parents had gotten closer, more real. I had never stopped believing in the possibility. As a knight my life existed out of patrols through Navarre. Of course, I had been out of the Wall occasionally when I was still an apprentice. But as a knight it was a whole lot different, it happened more often, and I realized that everything outside the Walls of D’auvignon was dangerous. I loved it. So, to get my kicks I went out hunting a lot in Lion form. Exploring the area outside the Walls.
And then, just before I reached the age of twenty-one, King Thriumph approached me. He gave me the proposal to pledge myself to the Kings Guard. I was rather stunned at the idea, but I did not hesitate. I realized that pledging myself to the Kings Guard was the best way to get a higher position and I realized getting a higher position meant getting a better change at killing the man who had killed my parents.
I have been in the Kings Guard ever since and I even managed to get closer to the King himself. I was proud of what I had become.

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Re: Tamlin Spring

op vr sep 29, 2017 11:42 pm

welkom op Fallen Skies

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