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Kaz Brekker
Kaz Brekker
Aantal berichten : 1327
IC posts : 1116

Character sheet
Age: 23 [immortal]
Occupation: Grand Duke. King's spy. Bad Cop.
Residence : Brightwater Keep, Rhoynar

Rhoynar, Brightwater Keep - Grand Duke Kaz Brekker Empty Rhoynar, Brightwater Keep - Grand Duke Kaz Brekker

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I asked for death, but instead i'm awake

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Birthname Kaspian Karlston Rietveldt
Meaning Kaspian - He who searches

Alias Kaz Elias Brekker
Pronunciation /Kaz/ ˈbrekə
Meaning Kaz - to destroy Brekker - form of ‘breaker’
Nicknames Kazzieboy, K, eikel

Gender Male
Birthday October 30th
Age 23 years old - currently immortal
Birthplace Corwick, Rhoynar - a small village near the sea
Current residence Castle, Brightwater Keep - Rhoynar

Father Damian Rietveldt (deceased)
Mother Ellinor Quartz-Rietveldt (deceased)
Brother Mortimer Rietveldt

In depth Kaz hasn’t known his family for very long, losing them at the age of four. Before all that happening, the relationship with his parents was in the beginning very stable. They loved their son and he loved them as parents. But, as the young boy started to show signs of magic, and a terrifying magic at that, their relationship started to change. His parents were scared of him, keeping him at bay as much as they could. This resulted in Kaspian growing more affection towards his brother and the two were very, very close. Losing his brother and seeing it as his mistake, has never been something he could let go of.

Wife Allison Lenier
Ex-fiancé Aella Vaughn

Friends Denzel Slade, Zuzana Bryant, Dante Tessaro, Ambrosia Chevoux
Enemies Lexa, Jasper Ethelwin, Agatha Morstain, Aella Vaughn, Isabella Lennox

Faceclaim Andy Biersack
Height 1.77m
Weight 61kg
BMI 19.5
Eyecolor Ice-blue
Haircolor Black
Hairstyle Shaved sides and slicked back. When it rains or it gets wet it usually curls.
Build Kaz is tall and slim. He has sharp features in his face and stark, dark eyebrows. One could compare his posture with that of a snake, tall enough to be noticed, sly enough to easily sneak out of things if the situation calls for it.
Tattoos/Piercings There are some rings in his ears, and a ring in his left nostril. He is littered with tattoos over his entire upper body, most of them can be found on his left arm, torso and back.
Scars There are multiple on his left leg when is leg had been badly broken. His stomach counts 11 scars, resulting from stab wounds.
Appearance Usually seen in black clothing, Kaz is often dressed neatly yet in a way it doesn’t attract too much attention. He usually sports a coat with a dark blouse or shirt and dark pants.
Upon his transformation into a vampire he was also seen with a cane by his side to support his leg as it had been badly injured and he walked with a limp. The cane was of a simple dark wood with a metal crow skull on top. When he worked for Lareth, he switched it to a golden snake.
Other notable features Kaz will always be seen wearing gloves, they’re simple and black, nothing notable yet always there.

Good traits Smart, creative, neat, resourceful, caring and protective for the ones close to him
Neutral traits Serious, determined, workaholic
Bad traits Cocky, arrogant, distant, greedy, paranoid, liar, holds grudges

Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Sexuality Pansexual

At a first glance Kaz is someone who was created out of the worst circumstances. He learned early on in his life that people always had second opinions and would never be honest with him. Later on, the streets taught him he had to do anything to survive with anything he could get his hands on. As he grew up, Kaz learned when to strike, what words to say to please the people he was talking to and how he, as an individual, didn't matter. When Kaz has his eyes on something, he won't stop until he gets it. He is driven by greed and the thought that nothing is enough to fill the empty void inside him.

Once you get to know Kaz a little bit better and he lets you in a little more, you notice that he isn’t as bad as he appears to be. He cares deeply for the people he knows and loves and will protect them at any cost. Not only is he determined to get what he wants, but he is also determined to make sure no one suffers the same fate as he had. He might not make the smartest decisions, but they are often made out of his heart.

Getting on his bad side is the worst side you can be on. Earning his trust is hard and once you wasted your chance, there is no going back. No matter what you do, Kaz will always remember and will always bring it up every time you make a move. He holds grudges for a long time, if not forever and isn’t really the forgiving type.

Fears Drowning, the sea, his powers
Dreams Free of worries, free of his power, free of vampirism

Myers Briggs type ENTJ-A (the commander)
Explanation ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. But unlike their Feeling (F) counterpart, ENTJs are characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves.
Extrovert or introvert Extrovert
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Outlook on Life The Cynic - You're not a negative person, per se, but you have low expectations for the world and have come to expect the flaws and failures that come with being human.
Philosophy / Motto ‘’Living and surviving are two very different things.’’

Trauma's Emotional abuse and trauma by serious accident: when Kaz and Mort had fallen into the sea, Kaz had to climb onto his brothers dead body in order to survive. The feeling of the skin of his dead brother, together with what happened previous to their fall has left Kaz with a severe fear of the sea and touching people.
Phobia Haphephobia; the fear of being touched by anyone. He can tolerate someone touching his clothes but not the physical contact of skin on skin. This is also the reason why he is always seen wearing gloves.
Thalassophobia; Fear of the sea or other large open waters.

Power Summoning
Use of Power As a child, Kaz never had his powers under control, they fed on his negative emotions and the more his parents pushed him away, the bigger those emotions became thus resulting in even scarier and bigger monsters. Later on, Kaz would have small outbursts as his negative emotions sometimes got the best of him.
As he grew older he managed to control the outbursts, but never the demons. It wasn’t until Allison came along and taught him how to control it. It went fairly well, until recent events threw it all overboard and he is back at the beginning. It probably doesn’t help that he scared of his powers himself.

Kruge The crow joined him when Kaz washed upon the shore of the island. At first it appeared to be just a normal animal but it was only later revealed that the crow was actually a demon, summoned by Kaz his subconscious in order to keep him company. And as a constant reminder of what kind of monster he is.
Though in the beginning Kaz hated the demon, he had unbeknownst to himself, grown attached to it, not feeling quite complete when the animal isn’t closeby. He tried to murder the demon on multiple occasions, but it always came back.

[0 - 4]
Kaz was born Kaspian Karlston Rietveldt, younger brother to Mortimer Lukas Rietveldt and son to Damian and Ellinor Rietveldt. The family lived on a farm in a small village near the sea in Rhoynar, making a living by selling their crops and meat. The village was dull and Mortimer was very excited to have Kaz around, since that would mean he could finally play with someone. Already from day one it showed that the two would get real close when they were growing up.
The first two years were carefree. Kaz learned things at his own pace, guided by his parents and his so eager brother. The two usually played together, as far as it could go with a couple of months old baby, and Mort often took Kaz to the sea to play with the waves and the sand. Kaz was a happy baby and a fast learner. At the end of his first year he learned to walk and already said a few words. As a baby he really enjoyed making up sounds and trying to imitate his parents and brother.
The two brothers were very adventurous, often leaving the beach behind and trekking into the hills, scheming and playing, unbeknownst to the many dangers that the world had to offer.

[4 - 6]
When Kaz had turned 4, things started to turn different. He kept on playing with his brother and felt loved, but the boy grew more silent. This was because he began to experience nightmares more often. He saw things that were out of this world, that shouldn't exist. His parents told him it were just nightmares, that he had nothing to worry about. But soon after the nightmares began, Kaz started creating them in the real world. It started with creatures who looked normal at first, but up close were a whole different thing. The young boy couldn't stop it, nor could he really control it. The demons fed on his negative emotions, becoming more frequent the less positive he felt. So, Kaz tried to ignore those feelings and tried to look on the brightside. But, his parents grew distant, afraid of what he might do if he grew mad. Mortimer, on the other hand, stayed with Kaz as much as possible, ignoring the warnings of their parents. Kaz soon returned to being that little, joyful kid again that made sandcastles on the beach and played hide and seek with his brother. Until Kaz couldn't bottle up his emotions anymore.

The afternoon had been rainy, the beach was off limits since the waves crashed down on it as if they wanted to take back all the sand that was there. Mort and Kaspian were told to stay inside, since a storm was coming. Kaz felt gloomy and tired, after having a nightmare again last night. Mort tried to cheer him up, but it didn't have any effect. While they were playing in their room, they could overhear their parents voices from the living room. Their voices were tense, discussing something the boys shouldn't be really hearing. So they tried to ignore it. Until Kaz' name fell. His parents wanted to send him away, to look for a cure, because this couldn't be their son, right? Their son was a happy kid, not someone who managed to summon demons whenever he wanted. Kaz had to be possessed and they couldn't do anything about it. They feared him.

The six year old kid suddenly couldn't handle it anymore. The fact that his parents couldn't love him anymore because of something he wasn't able to control, was the last straw. All the negative emotions that he had hidden away from himself returned, resulting in an outburst of screams and his power taking control over him. For a moment everything turned black, but when the young boy awoke, Kaz felt like he was finally free, ready to take on the world. But when the kid opened his eyes, that entire world had vanished. Instead, dark creatures roamed the streets, destroying everything in their wake. Somehow, he had ended up outside, laying in a puddle of water. The people he grew up with, dead on the streets, their now blank eyes staring at him, judging him. He then started to look around to see if his parents were amongst them. But the boy quickly realized that he was laying next to them. His father's body was torn in half and Kaz realized too late he was standing in a puddle of blood instead of rain, because he couldn't get his eyes off of his mother. The woman lay still, her hand open as if it wanted to grasp something. His Hand. Her eyes were scratched out of her head, her belly ripped open like an old teddybear and he had been laying in their blood and guts. Kaz did this, he created this.

The screams and pleads for mercy that were slowly dying out were enough to make him start running. Covered in blood and with an immense pain in his leg, the tried to get as far from the village as possible. To the beach. It was there where he found his brother. Alive, eyes round and scared, looking at Kaz. But even now, his brother didn't see Kaz as a monster. In his brothers arms, Kaz started crying and he kept crying, until he felt how the waves swept them away. It was already too late that he realized this shouldn't be happening. When Kaz looked up, he saw the shore far away and the tide pulling them away from there even faster. Kaz lay still on his brother, feeling his weak heartbeat through his chest. The steady yet shallow beating was the only thing that kept him calm while he closed his eyes and wished for all of it to be a dream, that he would soon wake up from a nightmare. But when his brothers heartbeat stopped, Kaz knew this nightmare wouldn't end.

[6 - 10]
Somewhere on the open sea, Mort had died. His now vacant eyes staring at the sky above them. Kaz was too tired to mourn him, but he tried to hold on, the sea making it more and more difficult the more waves crashed over them. Kaz hands had gotten wrinkly and Morts clothes got slippery. But the young boy persisted, laying on top of his now dead brother, screaming for help until his voice went dead and looking for anything that could maybe look like a shore. Kaz grew more and more tired and eventually, Mortimer slipped from his hands. When Kaz realized his brother was no longer with him, he tried to swim back. But the current was too strong and only made the gap between them bigger. Kaz had to watch helplessly how the last thing he knew, his last piece of hope, of warmth, was devoured by the waves.

It felt like days, but eventually Kaz washed up on a shore. But it was only hours later he actually woke up and got to know his surroundings. It turned out he was on an island, far off shore of Fallen Skies and that he was rescued by a little girl. Kaz was reluctant, scared and at first he didn't want to talk to anyone, only getting so far as to tell them his name. But he got stuck after the first three letters, so Kaz had become his new name. When he slept, his dreams were dark and blank, no memories turned to demons to terrorize him over the things he had done. The boy didn't tell where he came from, nor what had happened, afraid of what they might do to him. He learned that he had broken his leg and that it would never heal properly.
The little girl though, was persistent and after a few days they formed something that would start a friendship. Kaz could tell her his name, but that was all he wanted to let go. A few months already had passed when Kaz was fully back to his strength. Kaz would never walk normally again, but he made the best of it. Yet, another problem arose. Kaz had gotten afraid of touch. Because everytime he did, it felt like he was grasping for his brother again, the dead, wrinkly skin slipping from his fingers. It threw him back into the sea and those desperate moments to survive. So, the people gave him a pair of gloves, thinking that he just had to get used to it and eventually wouldn't need them anymore. But the young boy kept them as if it was the only thing that kept him alive.

It felt like this could be his new home and people welcomed him with open arms. Well, not all did. To some he was seen as an outsider, a bad omen. But, the mother of the little girl cared for him like he was her own son. Kaz didn't tell anyone about his powers and instead, tried to be happy again. It worked most of the time. he learned to walk again, assisted with a walking stick and even learned to run for short distances. The girl, Kallista, took him out on hunts for crows and rodents, climbing on roofs and trying to break into peoples houses, just for the thrill of it. It was on one of this journeys, Kaz met a crow that would later become his companion for life. The little bird followed him around, as if Kaz was its mother. Kaz didn't mind and saw it as a good thing. He would only later realise the true meaning behind the creature.
The more Kaz was accepted in this weird village, the more he felt at home. The more he became the old Kaz and the more he started to think that the things that had happened, had just been a bad dream.

[10 - 14]
But, as the young boy grew older and learned to accept himself, the town grew more untrusting towards him. More people started to ask the question who he really was and what he was doing here. Kaz, of course, didn't spoke a word about the truth, pushing away the negative feelings and instead focussed on the fun things. Kallista had more and more duties to perform, so Kaz usually went out on his own, discovering more parts of the island and learned his bird, who he had named Kruge after he had read a book with a character with the same name, to scout ahead for him. Sometimes the bird got back with a coin in its beak, or something else shiny. Kaz decided to keep those, surely no one would miss it, right?
The more and more Kaz went out alone, the more time he had to battle his thoughts, something he rather did not do. So he tried to distract himself with reading, training Kruge or simply trying not to think about it. But he started to feel how more and more eyes burned into his back when he walked past people on the streets. He heard their whispers and their accusations. Word started to travel around that he wasn't normal, that the crow that now was always by his side, had to be a demon. He was the devil's child, a hellspawn. The whispers of the villagers tore open old wounds and brought back the memories he had tried so hard to forget.
Kaz realised too late that the same thing that had cost him his family and his carefree youth, would happen again. The negative emotions he thought he had controlled and had accepted, had only been hidden away and came to him on the night someone tried to assassinate him. Before he knew it, the man lay dead on the ground and out were his demons. It felt like he was back at being the scared, six year old boy and Kaz couldn't stand looking at what he had created. So, without looking back at the town that was being wiped out by his doing, Kaz ran away.

14 - 18
Eventually, Kaz ended up on one of the isles of Rhoynar. He had no idea what to do, how to make a living and if he should still be running. He wondered if anyone would have survived and was searching for him. So, Kaz started to pickpocket, using the skills he had learned on the island to his benefit, trying to learn how to survive. His bad leg made the work more difficult that it should be, but he was persistent and pushed through.

He did every job any thief or pirate offered him. His morals faded, not giving any fucks about who or what he had to do, earning him the nickname Dirtyhands. All he wanted was to survive and grow, to make sure his nightmares wouldn't become reality once again.

After Rhoynar he started to travel, eventually ending up in Navarre where he was welcomed into an orphanage of Ambrosia Chevoux. While the roof over his head was a plus, the fear of him losing control over his magic again was enough for Kaz to run away only months later.

On his travels from island to island he met a girl, Aella. And she turned his whole world upside down again. He learned her what he had learned himself and together, they started doing their own thing. And before Kaz knew, he had grown closer to her than he had expected.

18 - now
But it was not meant to be. The two of them, happily engaged and hopefully with a bright future ahead of them, found themselves in a peculiar situation. They had made a deal with a gang in exchange for a lot of gold, but the deal went awry. It resulted in eleven stabwounds in his stomach and him getting left behind by Aella in an alley to die. If it hadn’t been for the doctor by the name of Slade passing by, Kaz would have been dead by now.

In his anger, Kaz sold the ring that was meant to be Aella’s, promising himself that he never would fall in love again. The thief made a name of himself, getting better and better at his job as his life progressed. While he tried to leave his past behind, it always caught up to him in his nightmares or whenever he looked at Kruge. The inability to control his demons didn’t stop either. As a matter of fact, things only went more downhill from there..


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