Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeeld in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
Met de koude intrek van winter heeft geheel Fallen Skies wel last van de temperatuur wisseling. Maar voornamelijk in het noorden wordt het iedereen behoorlijk lastig gemaakt en kunnen spanningen dankzij het weer hoog oplopen.
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Met het einde van het jaar in zicht houdt Archeon haar jaarlijkse midwinter festival. Iedereen is welkom om te genieten van alles wat Fallen Skies' hoofdstad te bieden heeft.
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When the sun falls the night comes alive [Lestat]

op zo jan 14, 2018 10:00 pm

The truth doesn’t matter

The soft rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing into the sand brought Evelyn some peace. It was the dance of the waters, the sound of the ocean at his most subtle way. Knowing, and even more not-knowing what laid beneath there were the light couldn’t reach, the little waves were just the softest touch. Eve could look at it for hours at a time, she always had. She grew up with the sea surrounding. That sea with all of its terrors, with not only the water itself to fear but whatever lived in the deep water as well. She could always see the beauty within, not only at the quietest days, also when the sea wanted to roar up in storms from time to time.

With a slow pace and small steps Evelyn moved over the boulevard that laid directly with the seas. At the end of the horizon she could see the busy port with incoming and exiting ships. Surely there were ones from Cois with it, her island of origin. Absently Eve found herself staring at the ships, that were almost even rhythmic as the waves next to her. She thought about her arrival at Brightwater Keep, that was only a few weeks ago. It felt like years with the events that had been going on. At the one moment she was taking a drink in a local bar, the second she got poisoned and the third she got taken care of by the Duke of Rhoynar. Not that she didn’t appreciated that, in the contrary. She had been taken in as if she was family, but this day she needed to get out of court. Maybe to gather her thoughts, maybe just to stare at the ships that sailed in. Even now she needed to be cautious, she was technically dead for Cois and if anyone would see her, it would complicate things even more.

Clearly sunken in her mind she almost missed the end of the boulevard, bordered by a stone half wall. Abruptly Eve turned her dreamy gaze towards the foreground stopping just in time. As she looked around she saw that the streets were nearly empty, probably because everyone was headed home to get some dinner before the nightlife started. It was probably the time for her to see if she could find any place where she could eat, or return to the castle. After a few more moments of gazing towards the ocean she decided to head into the city a bit more to get some food. With the same pace she walked towards the first alleys to get to a bar, her gaze as dreamy away as before.

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