Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeelt in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
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Een onbekende ziekte teistert Fallen Skies. Niemand blijkt veilig te zijn voor de verwoestende dood die Queen Dacosta meegenomen lijkt te hebben. Is er een mogelijkheid om te overleven, of is iedereen ter dood veroordeeld?
List of the current city rulers: click here
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Zaleera Rayen
Zaleera Rayen
Real name : WazBeer
Aantal berichten : 129
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Character sheet
Age: 32 Years Old
Occupation: Queen of Nym
Residence : Aztlan

Nymmerwell, Aztlan - Queen Zaleera Rayen Empty Nymmerwell, Aztlan - Queen Zaleera Rayen

op wo sep 20, 2017 11:56 pm
Never announce your moves before you make them
In ancestral paths we tread
FULL NAME Zaleera Rayen
BIRTHDATE 11th of July
AGE 32 years old
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
RACE Human, fullblood
MAGIC Shapeshifter, jaguar
LATERALITY Right-handed

WEAPON OF CHOICE Spear and daggers
TITLES Jaguar Queen, Tlatoani
HOME WORLD Fallen Skies

Physical Appearance

HEIGHT 170 cm
WEIGHT 60 kg
HAIR COLOR Very dark brown, almost black
EYE COLOR Bright green

ACCESSORIES These range from earrings, to wrist bands, to necklaces. She mostly wears all, but she will fit them to the occation, meaning if there is any training or fighting involved she will not wear anything that can put her at risk.
SCARS While her face is clear she has a few smaller scars on her arms and legs.
TATTOOS Zaleera has red tattoo's all over her body (see pictures for reference).
CLOTHES Zaleera wears mostly warrior clothes, ones that fit well but allow her to move freely. Because of the hot temperatures in Nymmerwell her outfit mostly leaves quite a bit of bare skin, which also shows off her tattoo's. She has formal dresses and other outfits to wear in case she needs them, but you will rarely see her in these clothes if there is no occation for it.


Zaleera has been raised as the future queen of Aztlan and Nymmerwell and this shines through in her personality and mannerisms. The royalty of Aztlan has always been trained both as warriors and rulers, meaning she can be polite and knows the proper etiquette, but can also be ruthless when it comes to defeating her enemies. She has hands on experience in battle, making her not entirely dependent on her advisors when it comes to strategy. Zaleera has been taught all the myths, legends and stories of her people and she knows every god and goddess by name. She is smart, fast learning, but can also be a bit reckless at times. Her fierce personality sometimes gets the better of her, particularly when losing, because she hates to lose. Zaleera is adventurous and is often restless if there is nothing to do, making her creat some task by herself. She loves to hunt in the forest to clear her mind, often done in her jaguar form.

Believes & Ideals

RELIGION The nature gods of Nym
PREJUDICES Zaleera does not particularly like Valyria and the Laendarys familie, because of the myths of her people about the betrayal of Zanyia. She sees the gods of Nym as the true ones.
GENERAL BELIEVES As with most rulers, Zaleera believes strongly in the Nymmerwell way of living. She is traditional in a sense that she sticks to the old myths and believes of her ancestors. She will make sure to pass all of this knowledge onto the next generation.

Lifestyle & Behavior

RESIDENCE Aztlan, crown city of Nymmerwell
HOBBIES Hunting,


SKILLS Fighting, hunting, ...
STRENGTHS Zaleera is excellent at fighting with spears and daggers, she is quick and agile.  
WEAKNESSES She relies on her surroundings and her speed, sheer force and well aimed blows to unprotected skin can cause a problem.


Mother: — Illari Xelha †
Father: — Cizin Rayen †
Aunts (Cizin): — Meqtè † & Soetkah

Siblings: — /
Half-Siblings: — None
Cousins: — Ghada Moatlisi (Meqtè)

Married to: — No one
Former husband: — Naran Tenoch †

Children: — Zanek, Zyanya, Omari & Necalli
Grandchildren: — None
Nieces: — /
Nephews: —/


House Rayen
⋅ Rank: Princess

Zaleera was born in Aztlan, the daughter of king Cizin Rayen and queen Illari Xelha. Being their firstborn, she became heir to the throne and thus was raised to become the future queen of Nymmerwell. These trainings started early on in her life, making sure she would be ready to take the position at any time. Zaleera was a fast learner and while everyone in the royal family was often busy, she managed to spend quite some time with her parents and other family members. No one seemed to doubt that she would become an excellent queen one day.

Her training included lessons to become a warrior, to survive in the rain forest outside of the city and to call upon her Tonalli to shift forms. As soon as her outside training started, she fell in love with the woods. Zaleera wanted no more than to roam the jungle in her jaguar form, often sneaking away to experience freedom once more. She strayed far from Aztlan, on her own account and for training purposes, to learn everything there was to learn about the land she would once rule. Her assessment had her go to the mountain range that forms the natural boundary between Nymmerwell and Valyria. There she earned the title of a warrior and was blessed by the goddes of the mountains, Nemequene.

As she returned from her training as a warrior, Zaleera learned that her mother Illari had passed away during her absence. Her father was struck with grieve and little was left of his former spirit. A few weeks later he went to battle against a group of monsters that plagued the rainforest, and never returned. At the age of twenty, Zaleera was now queen of Aztlan and Nymmerwell. Her parents however, did not leave her completely alone when they passed. The kings and queens of Rayen are often still married off to heirs of other important families that live in Nymmerwell, particularly the ones showing potential of jaguar blood. Such an arrangement was made before Cizin died.

Naran Tenoch had been a friend to Zaleera ever since they were young, so she went through with the marriage, making sure Nymmerwell had both a queen and king to rule it. While it was certainly something to get used to, Zaleera quickly became to love the man she had married. He shared her adventurous nature and could be both kind and strict. Together they had one child. Fate however did not have the intentions of having them live as a happy family forever. When word came around that Aeron Medici, the man that had burned a whole region of Navarre to the ground, was sighted inside the forests of Nymmerwell, Naran and his men set off to chase him down. No one knows what happened exactly, but there was a fight between the two, a fight which Naran lost and paid with his life. Zaleera was furious, making sure Aeron left their kingdom and promising she would kill him herself if she would ever have the chance to.

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Zaleera Rayen, Queen of Nym

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Dacosta Laendaerys
Dacosta Laendaerys
Real name : Michelle
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Character sheet
Age: 38
Occupation: Queen of Fallen Skies
Residence : Archeon

Nymmerwell, Aztlan - Queen Zaleera Rayen Empty Re: Nymmerwell, Aztlan - Queen Zaleera Rayen

op wo sep 27, 2017 5:35 pm

welkom op Fallen Skies

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