Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeelt in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
current event
Een onbekende ziekte teistert Fallen Skies. Niemand blijkt veilig te zijn voor de verwoestende dood die Queen Dacosta meegenomen lijkt te hebben. Is er een mogelijkheid om te overleven, of is iedereen ter dood veroordeeld?
List of the current city rulers: click here
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©2017 Fallen Skies staat onder leiding van het team en wordt ondersteund door Actieforum. Alle teksten, beelden, codes en plotlijnen zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermt door de desbetreffende eigenaar.

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Real name : Wrap
Aantal berichten : 56
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Character sheet
Age: Centuries
Occupation: Commander of War
Residence : Mother's Mountains
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Minerva Empty Minerva

op do mei 24, 2018 10:08 pm
You've gone and proved
to be the misery of mankind
All you ever do is make excuses, God you're boring. Use everything you've got inside, you still don't find the courage. Stick your tail between your legs and go. You think you know it all? You're just a king without a throne.
name :: minerva
date of birth :: n.a.
physical age :: early twenties
actual age :: centuries
species :: vampire
gender :: female
sexuality :: long gone
occupation :: guardian of vanaheim, bringer of war
residence :: mother's mountains, vanaheim

Minerva is a skinny, short woman. Only about one-sixty high, you wouldn't expect her to be the capable warrior she is. She has long, brown hair that's almost always tied up. Her blue eyes match the blue warpaint thats tattooed on her face and body. If that does not make her stand out, her clothing does. Never found in a dress, the woman is usually found in leather armor, ready for battle.

"Bringer of War"

You open your eyes and find yourself in a small village. The few tents show how few people live here, though you hear their friendly chatter in the distance. Next to you sits a young man. He has a scar over his face, showing he’s been through something in his life. He smiles. You smile back. ‘You woke up,’ he notes. You give him a slow nod as you work your way off the ground, to sit up and stretch. “What is this place?” you ask. He raises his brows. ‘We’re in the mother’s mountains,’ he tells you. You look around and realize who these people are: the mountain men. You’ve heard of them in the stories, but you never quite expected to find them like this.

Your gaze falls upon a group of five, sitting on a rock. They all look so different, yet they have the same vibe coming from them. These must be the Command you’ve heard of. “Who are they?” you decide to ask. He laughs. ‘Those are our Commanders,’ he answers, ‘they’re the guardians of the Mother.’ You frown at him. “Guardians?” you ask, causing him to smile. ‘They’ve been here for centuries. They guard the Holy Lands,’ the man answers. ‘The one to the left is our Protector herself, Juno. Next to her sits Mercury, the Messenger. Then you get Diana and Apollo, the Huntress and the Healer,’ he explained, before looking at the one who seemed to sit distanced from the rest, a deep frown on her face. ‘And that’s Minerva, the bringer of War. She took over when Ceres died,’ he explained. “Ceres?” you ask. He nods. ‘The Mother.’

It seems weird to you. They actually knew Her, the woman that was considered a God in these lands? Every landmark was named after Her. And these people just… knew the woman? Wasn’t it centuries ago to begin with? You frown. “Hasn’t she been dead for centuries?” you ask, making the man laugh. ‘She’ll never die. Nor will they. It’s the blessing of Light,’ he said. You look at his wrist and notice the bandage he has around it. Vampires? Weren’t they hated in Vanaheim? You decide to give up on the subject and try something else that has been lingering on your mind.

“What’s up with her?” you ask, looking at the one he called Minerva. She seemed to be talking to herself, whispering words too quickly to understand. Every now and then she’d look over her shoulder, as if something was there. Something you can’t see. ‘She speaks to her demons,’ he tells you. ‘Literal demons,’ he explains when he sees the frown on your face. “She speaks to demons?” you ask skeptically. Are all these people mad? Is this where they go when there’s nothing left for them? Are the mountains of Vanaheim truly one big asylum? ‘If you’re brave enough to ask her, please do. I, for one, am not,’ he laughs. You nod. Clear. You see how she looks at you, her blue eyes filled with an emotion you can’t quite place. You wonder what she has been through. Turned to immortality in her early twenties, alive for centuries. Just.. existing. Waiting until the land needs your protection.

You don’t expect anything else, until the man talks again. ‘It’s better not to ask any questions,’ he tells you. ‘They’ve all lived their lives centuries ago. Remembering them of it might do more harm than good,’ he then warns you. You nod slowly. So no one knows their story? No one but those five knows what truly happened in Vanaheim, yet you’re not allowed to ask?

You sigh, taking a look at your hands, before you notice the bandage around your wrist too.
Larethian Akesh
Real name : Marielle
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Character sheet
Age: 39
Occupation: King of Fallen Skies
Residence : The realm of Valyria
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Minerva Empty Re: Minerva

op do mei 24, 2018 10:14 pm

welkom op Fallen Skies

I don't believe in no devil, 'Cause I done raised this hell
I've been the last one standing, when all the giants fell
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