Fallen Skies is een 'high fantasy Textbased-RPG' die zich afspeelt in een mytische wereld vol wonderlijke wezens, monsters en magie. Het land verdeeld onder zes koningkrijken is altijd bewegend en beïnvloedbaar. Het kan zomaar zijn dat jij de held wordt van het gehele land of misschien zelfs de grootste terreur die Fallen Skies ooit meegemaakt heeft. Alles is mogelijk in deze gevaarlijk mooie wereld. En niets is gek genoeg.
De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
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Een onbekende ziekte teistert Fallen Skies. Niemand blijkt veilig te zijn voor de verwoestende dood die Queen Dacosta meegenomen lijkt te hebben. Is er een mogelijkheid om te overleven, of is iedereen ter dood veroordeeld?
List of the current city rulers: click here
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Aristide Delacroix
Real name : Penguin
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Age: 24 years
Occupation: King of Navarre
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Event - All through the night. Empty Event - All through the night.

op ma jun 25, 2018 7:16 pm
"What hurt you once will hurt you twice.
This is not the beginning but the beginning's end."
Sweat broke out on his forehead. His heart was beating so hard that he feared it would jump out of his chest. Question were still flashing through his head. Was this the right thing to do? Should he really be standing there? Was he worth it? Would the people even accept him? After all, he had no claim to the throne before all this. It was fear which was running through his veins. Fear for the uncertainty. For what might come.
The sickness that was now roaming the world didn’t help. People were afraid to become sick and die, because that was what this disease did; it killed you and the process was horrible and painful. It made everything more complicated and dangerous. Everyone was examined before they were allowed inside and those who might be infected were send somewhere else. He had no idea what they did to those people, but he hoped they were being treated for their disease. Everyone was afraid to be next. This made for a great start… He was already being tested.

Aristide rubbed his eyes and a sigh left his mouth. Even his reflection in the mirror showed how nervous he was. He straightened his clothes for the tenth time before turning away. It was no use, all he could hope for was that everything went well and that people were understanding. Everything was ready and guest were already arriving for the ball.
“Are you ready?” someone asked. Aristide turned his face towards the person standing there and then gave a small nod. There was no need to keep procrastinating. That is why he turned around and left the room, going through the ballroom. Before entering he again straighten his clothes and tried his best to calm his nerves.

A live orchestra was already playing their songs and at the right side of the room were tables filled with lots of food. There was something for everyone and also enough to drink.
This was his night, his chance to get to know people, befriend them, learn more about everyone and make sure he would be ready for what might come. And at the same time people would learn who he was. Maybe that was what made him terrified of this night, the fact that it would determine what people's first thoughts were about him.

The young man looked at the people who were already dancing to the music and a smile formed on his lips at the sight of it. He was probably worrying for nothing. Everything was going perfectly for now and there were enough people to make sure nothing went wrong. You could say he was a bit paranoid after what had occured in this building.

"Mortal kings are ruling castles, welcome to my world of fun
Liars settle into sockets, flip the switch and watch them run"
Spectre Rayner
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Event - All through the night. Empty Re: Event - All through the night.

op ma jun 25, 2018 8:17 pm

Dressed like a royal. Gleaming like a star, brighter than the brightest one in the nightsky above them. That was her. That had always been her. But now. In the moment when her plan had gotten so close to succeeding she had failed. No. Not her. Everyone and everything around her had failed. They had failed to please her and now she had to change her direction. The Medici name she did not even legally hold was swept from the board. It couldn't be used as a pawn anylonger as her foolish uncle had used it even more disgustinly than Aeron had done. He had failed her plans he did not even knew she had. And he would pay.

they would all pay.

Light eyes focussed on the doctor who inspected her. Barely daring to touch her, but wether that was because of the vines twirling over her skin, her living dress wrapping around her till it touched the ground, or the sickness raging through the land. It did not bother. No mere doctor was supposed to touch her anyway. So as soon as she was cleared she stepped forward with an high 'hmpf' disgusted that she had even allowed the man to touch her for the few seconds he had.

But once inside the thoughts imediatly left her mind. Her eyes turning through the large ballroom. Taking in the sights. This was where she should've grown up. This should have been her life. Not some filthy forest in the backend of some.. savage village. No imediatly inside the palace. Her palace she felt at ease. Taking a glass from a waiter without giving a second look at the man as she walked onwards. Straight through the lines that were there to greet the so called new king. The next pawn in her game. Once in front of the line she looked up at the man. His striking good looks made her smile softly as she held out her hand for him. Her eyes staying focussed on his while she made a small bowlike movement but not deep enough as any pathetic piece of scum would do. "It is an honor, your majesty." She spoke her voice sweet and soft like honey dripping of her rose colored lips turning her head the tiniest bit. Waiting for him to question who she was. But perhaps her reputation had already proceeded her. Who knew. She was quite the talk of the town after all.

Event - All through the night. AEXPEdY
(all vine details ect are actual vines moving over her body)

Don't compare her to sunshine and roses
when she's clearly orchids and moonlight

Event - All through the night. OMKyTh7
Rhysand LaFae
Real name : Kitto McCatter
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Event - All through the night. Empty Re: Event - All through the night.

op wo jun 27, 2018 1:28 pm

Miss Missing You
His eyes scanned the perimeter again and again. His body was tense and he felt his heart beat faster than normal. Everything was fine, there was nothing to worry about. Except for the fact that suddenly Thriumph was gone, the council had been murdered and a plague seemed to sweep the lands. Yeah, truly nothing to worry about. Rhysand narrowed his eyes, scanning the crowd in hope of seeing familiar faces. Tamlin perhaps, although he rather avoided the man right now. He still hadn't come to terms to what had happened that night and he still didn't remember it correctly. So it was best to just stay away from each other.

Rhysand wasn't here for the party tonight, although he had been oficially invited. No, he was on duty. His hand was on the heft of his sword, he could feel it cramp as he realised he held it a little too tightly. What exactly was he scared for? Everyone who had come inside was checked, all should be healthy and Thriumph was gone. Thriumph was gone. He still couldn't grasp that thought. His king, the one he had been loyal to for as long as he could remember, suddenly disappeared only leaving dead bodies in his wake. He had known the man was cruel, but this? This didn't sit right with the Kingsguard. It felt like a puzzle piece was missing.

But he couldn't let his thoughts wander off, he had to focus. This night was important and it had to go right. His eyes found the posture of the man entering the room, the man he was supposed to be loyal to. His eyes narrowed again, but this time in an unfriendly way. Rhysand didn't trust Aristide and he doubted if he ever truly could. Who knew if this man had actually orchestrated this whole ordeal? What if this night was just a way to get rid of his enemies? Paranoid thoughts. Stop thinking Rhysand, concentrate on what you are supposed to do. Protect the king. Protect his life. Even if you disagree with whatever he has done.

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By Kíli
Emilia Amarok
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Event - All through the night. Empty Re: Event - All through the night.

op ma jul 09, 2018 11:59 am
hear my battle cry
A long dress was something you’d rarely find the werewolf in, but today was a special occasion. The white top part of the dress was mostly covered by a blue corset, which matched the long, blue bottom of the dress. It definitely wasn’t the most comfortable dress, but it forced her to keep her back straight (and her breath in, for that matter) so she would fit in more easily. While Duncan was the Lord of Nordshal, and thus her being here was no surprise, she was everything but a Lady. The woman enjoyed hunting a lot more than she would ever enjoy a social event hosted by the rulers of the country, but… she liked a party. And she liked the idea of the Medici’s being gone even more. So, an invitation to a party where they celebrated the new ruler? There was no way she was going to miss that.

And so, she had forced herself to buy a dress fitting to the occasion, covering her ankles even and making it impossible for her to run if anything were to happen. If the werewolf in her decided to want to come out, she was sure this corset would keep it in. Even when locked away in the basement during a full moon, she felt less chained up than she did with this thing around her waist. It actually felt like someone was trying to choke her, but she managed to keep a smile on her face as she looked around, a smile on her face and her brown eyes showing the clear enthusiasm she felt.

The woman grabbed a glass of whatever it was, to lean against a table and focus her gaze on the King himself. He was young, possibly stupid, and didn’t look like he was having too much fun, which caused her to raise a brow. You would expect him to stand there, eyes shimmering in excitement as he realized this was all his. Yet, he seemed… doubtful. Taking a sip of her drink, she kept her brown eyes focused on the man, wondering if she should walk up to him, or if someone else managed to grab her attention before she’d do so. She did, however, want to talk to this King before she’d make her way back to Nordshal again. After all, the Medici’s were finally gone. How could she not want to meet the man that took over?
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You should know, I'm the one who's in control
I'll let you come take the wheel,
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Event - All through the night. Empty Re: Event - All through the night.

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