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De ondraaglijke hitte kan maar één ding betekenen. Zomer is in het land. En met regen dat over geheel Fallen Skies uitblijft ziet het er niet goed uit voor de boeren en minderbedeelden.
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Real name : Nath
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Character sheet
Age: 26 Years
Occupation: Chief of the Illyrian Legion & I'llyria
Residence : I'llyria - Navarre
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Navarre, I'llyria - Chief Keaton Gryphon

op di feb 06, 2018 4:10 pm

Keaton ▲
Name: Keaton Gryphon
Nickname: Keat
Date of Birth: May 11th
Age: Twenty-six years
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Magic: Elemental Control {Fire}

Weapon: Fire, sword, bow & arrow, empy-hands
Occupation: Chief of the Illyrian Legion & I'llyria
Home town: Navarre, I'llyria.

Mother: Savina Cloven Gryphon
Father: Zelroth Gryphon
Brothers: Elijah Gryphon {14 years} & Nameless Gryphon {25 Years}
Sister: Naveena Gryphon {21 years}
Grandmother: Willow Gryphon

Appearance as Human

Faceclaim: Jared Padalecki
Skin color: White/fair
Hair color: Deep brown
Hair length: Half-long
Eye color: Hazel
Lip color: Dark pink
Height: 1,93cm
Weight: 81kg
Build: Slim and muscular
Keaton Gryphon is a tall, slim and muscular man. His skin is fair and his hair is a dark, deep brown color, which is half-long. His eyes have a hazel color, which might appear green at times. He appears in his typical Illyrian leather clothing, with a cloak of wolf fur to stay warm. His clothes are made to move swiftly in.
Colin Ford

Scars: A burn mark over his right shoulder.
Extra: -

Traits: Courageous, disciplined, independent, decisiveness, insightful, smart, ambitious, straightfroward, loyal, caring.
Keaton is what you call, a born leader. He's courageous and does not shy away from danger. He's disciplined and wouldn't stop when it gets hard. He's independent and can take care of things by himself. Keaton has the ability to carry out his plans well and quickly. He also understands things quickly and comes easily with a solution if needed. Keaton has a strong desire and determination to succeed. He's uncomplicated and straightforward when it comes to almost everything. Loyalty above all, to his family and his Legion. And he might not always show it, but he is also a caring man for his loved ones.

What the future would bring for me had always been clear to me, since I was born as the eldest son of Zelroth and Savina Gryphon. I was born to once lead the Illyrian Legion, to be their Chief. My father was a severe and disciplined man. You can say that discipline was already in my possession from day one. And even though my father was very strict, I could just be a child and play with my brother, Devon Gryphon. A few years later I could play with my sister too, though, I had to be careful with here, since she is five years younger than me.

{Childhood, puberty & Young Adulthood}
I can’t remember a thing from when I was a baby, which is logical. But for what I know is that my parents were deeply in love, and there I was. My parents got married while I was still in my mum’s belly. It’s normal that you get married when a baby is expected, especially as a city ruler. I was only one year old when my first brother was born. I got really attached to him and for what I remember is that I have always been very attached to him. He’s not only my brother, he’s my best friend too.
I was five years and three months old when my sister Naveena came to the world. A month after my little sister was born, I discovered my element, which is Fire. Of course, ever since I was born was was quite clear that I might possess the powers of an element, since I could become rather warm. And it wasn’t a fever for sure. But seeing the fire coming off my hands, made it certain that I was going to follow up my father’s footprints. The whole idea got me excited and my father was proud of me. I got the same element as he had. Normally kids get trained when they turn eight years old. My father decided to teach me some basics from that moment on. It got me excited. A year and a half later my brother discovered his element too, which was Earth. My father decided to train him too, though it was rather difficult, since my father didn’t possess the element Earth. His knowledge was enough though.

And that’s how my life was when I was just a kid. I was the first to go training as a Cadet, I was eight years old then, just like all the other boys and girls who started their trainings. My Master was woman named Dealla Liatháin, we had to call her Master Liatháin. Just like all the rest of my Class, she was a Fire Bender. I remember her as a though woman, harsh and disciplined. She wasn’t the kind of teacher who would pardon you when something went wrong. No, I remember it very clearly how she punished me when I talked to a friend, instead of training. Her lesson was loud and clear; “Would you talk to your fellow if you were on a battle field?” And she was right. The battlefield isn’t the place for a chit-chat. It wans’t battle training we learned, though. We had to learn how to control our element. I was one of the best in class, since my father had taught me a lot, already.
The trainings changed when I reached the age of twelve. I was moved to a higher class. There I would learn how to practice my element in battle. Think of those one-on-one trainings. We had to throw and catch fire balls, throw them back as fast as possible. We learned to dodge, to attack, to defend, et cetera. There were also lessons in which the classes were mixed with the other elements. We had to learn how to fight against the other elements. Some lessons also consisted of empty hand fighting, or without the element but with a weapon. We had to learn everything, since the Illyrians were supposed to be the greatest army of Fallen Skies.

I was twelve years and a half when my youngest brother came to the world. Elijah Gryphon. I remember the joy I felt when I saw my little brother for the first time. Of course, getting a new brother when you’re older is a lot different from getting a new brother when you’re just a little kid yourself. Well, I was a little kid then, since I was still twelve years young. I promised that I would always be there for him.

My childhood, puberty, and young adulthood consisted of training only. I was hardened and exposed to death, to the kill, to everything. My time with my father consisted of getting ready to lead one-day. And then there were those moments I would spend with my brother Devon or with my sister, Naveena. And those moments with my little brother, Elijah, when I played with him and taught him some basics to keep him busy. “The next-time we’re going to practice I want you to control it, alright?” It did keep my little brother busy and the next-time we would practice he was able to do it. Whatever it was.

{18 Years}
I must admit that I was rather a flirt toward other girls, though, I wasn’t interested, really, it was just fun to me. I was one of the best Cadets, perhaps the best and that feeds with ego. Maybe I was somewhat a showdown. Like, helping female cadets, just to showoff a bit. It did help them though, they got better. So, the end of me being a cadet was spent with helping the other cadets, beside my own trainings. I also trained a lot with Devon and he did belong to one of the best, too.

I was almost ready to become an Illyrian Warrior when my father sent me on a mission. A massage had come from the Lord of Nordshal. Werewolves were trying to overtake the town again and the Lord had askes I’llyria to support them in battle against the Werewolves.
“You are almost ready to become an Illyrian Warrior, Keaton, so I must ask you to take on this quest,” Zelroth had said to me. “If you succeed, you’ll become an Illyrian warrior.” I accepted and gathered various Illyrian Warriors and traveled to Nordshal. It wasn’t usual that Cadets would become an Illyrian Warrior by proving themselves in battle, but it did happen. Normally cadets underwent various tests in which they had to prove themselves. This was my test.
Exactly a day after I and my warriors arrived, the Werewolves attacked again. It was a rather large pack and it was a hard fight. I took on the leader of the pack, sending my fire toward him. This was a whole lot different than my trainings. I stepped forward, used all my skills, just like the warriors. I lost two warriors, but we won. Most of the werewolves had survived, decided to flee. For now Nordshall was saved.
We stayed there for two more days to recover. I only had a few wounds, which would heel quickly. It took a few days to arrive back home. My grandma immediately took care of my wounds and her potions made sure that I was completely healed in a few days.
A week after my Quest my father made ma an Illyrian Warrior. I remembered how proud he was, just like my Brothers Devon and the young Elijah, and my sister Naveena.

That year my grandma Willow, though I saw her more as a second mother, asked me when I would search for a bride. “You’ll one day lead I’llyria, and it would be great for your status to have a bride. Don’t you want a son to be your heir?” I love my grandma, I truly do, but I’d never been the kind of man to engage with love, or marriage, or stuff like that. Though, I did believe that marriage was meant for love, not for status. But I wasn’t searching for love, not ready for stuff like that. I did like to flirt and play with the other girls, just because I sort of loved the attention. But a serious relationship? No, not yet. “Now that you’ve come of age and have become an Illyrian Warrior, you must consider it, Keaton,” she’d said, on which I’d only narrowed my eyes and shaken it off. “I’ll keep my eyes open for a suitable lady, Gran,” I’d answered, though I’d lied. “Follow your heart,” she’d said, and I remember that I smiled at those words.

Being an Illyrian Warrior gave me much more responsibility and I’d to go on patrols almost every day. And the trainings had become much harder. I trained with all the other Illyrian Warriors now and I wasn’t the best anymore. This cause me to do my best much more. The arrogance I’d once felt was gone like snow in the sunlight.

{19 Years old}
Oh, I remember my sister meeting her first and only love and just like my father, I did not approve. Alexander Dragović was his name and he’d come to I’llyria to join the Illyrian Legion. He was a Fire Bender, just like me, and I must admit, he was a perfect match for the Illyrian Legion. I’d warned him, that if he’d ever harm my sister, he won’t be able to defend himself and get out alive.

In the meantime, my brother Devon had reached the age of eighteen, thus was ready to become an Illyrian Warrior. There’d been a threat through Navarre ánd Valyria. My father had received a message from the Royal family in D’auvignon with the command to get rid of this threat. Assassins had been murdering people, especially those of higher lineage all over the country, as well as in Valyria. Those Assassins seemed to rebel against the monarchy. Those Assassins were divided into three large camps.
This time it was Devon who’d to prove himself worthy to become an Illyrian warrior. The task was clear. “Keaton, Devon and Osckar,” Osckar was the Earth Commander of the Illyrian Legion, “I want you three to lead forces to those camps and get rid of these Assassins for once and for all,” was the command. My father hadn’t seen the great threat they actually were, so he’d thought that it’d be the ‘perfect’ opportunity for Devon to prove himself. I had gathered my forces, laid out a strategy and was ready to leave. “Good luck, brother,” I’d said and had given him a hug. A strange feeling crept over me as soon as we all left to defeat those Assassins.
I watched the camp, and as soon as the time felt right I gave the sign to attack. The Earth Bender were in the front with the Air Benders between them to blow the Assassin Guards away. The Earth Benders functioned as shields. The Water Benders and Fire Benders attacked. And so the four elements worked together perfectly, just as we had learned. I kicked, dodged, and punched with all me strength and power. Those Assassins were well trained, too well trained. I was afraid that my force wasn’t big enough, strong enough. I was afraid that we’d underestimated them, as we’d certainly did. But we managed to fight our way through and outmatch those Assassins.

A certain number of Illyrian Warriors had fallen. Only two-thirds returned from the battle. But we were the first to get back. “What’d happened?” My father had asked, and I’d told him that we’d been almost outnumbered and outmatched, but we’d managed to fight our way through. “They are very skilled fighters, father,” I’d said. Osckar came and his force returned at sunset, laying on his horse. He fell on the ground and Illyrian warriors got to him fast, calling for a medic. “We defeated them,” he’d said laborious. Only a third of his force had returned from the battle. I’d been lucky, since my wounds were bad, but not bad enough that I wasn’t able to do anything anymore. The same did not apply to my own army. All the healers, medics, nurses, were busy to patch up the soldiers. The moon was reaching the sky and I gave my father a worried glance. “Devon still hasn’t returned yet.” My father remained quiet, obviously feeling guilty. A wounded soldier returned, only one, and he came with the news that they were defeated.
My father was devastated, and I was speechless. A healer took care of this soldier and my father and I started planning to fight those assassins and hopefully get Devon back, since be both believed that Devon couldn’t be death. Therefor he was to valuable and those assassins didn’t seem to be stupid. “I underestimated them,” Zelroth Gryphon admitted. “Those assassins must be weakened by the first attack, they can’t win a second attack,” I’d told my father.
We left with greater forces and fought those Assassins. Some of them fled, and it was an easy battle. We brought the fallen Illyrians back to I’llyria. But there’d been no trace of Devon, he’d disappeared. “Maybe they’ve taken him somewhere else,” I’d said that out of hope and it seemed rather logical.
But that wasn’t the case. I’d led several patrols to find him, with no avail. Devon was gone, disappeared, but I couldn’t believe that he’d leave without saying a word, so I believed that he’d died in the battle.

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Re: Navarre, I'llyria - Chief Keaton Gryphon

op di feb 06, 2018 10:22 pm

welkom op Fallen Skies

I'll show them what happens,
When you put a dragon in a cage
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